Mamma Mia Hen Party Ideas

Mamma Mia Hen Party Ideas

Get ready to make some fabulous memories on your hen do with a Mamma Mia theme!

Mamma Mia Themed Hen Party Ideas

A Mamma Mia themed hen party is the perfect choice for your final night of freedom, which will have you partying like dancing queens. Pop on your disco-inspired jumpsuits and dresses, floral themed sashes and accessories ready for a night of non-stop entertainment. If you are the ultimate Mamma Mia fan, there is a selection of fabulous hen do ideas that will promise you the time of your life.

Starting with Tonight Josephine, held in Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Cardiff and Bristol, this fantastic event offers the ultimate Mamma Mia experience. This fantastic event is a bottomless brunch experience, featuring live entertainers singing all your favourite Mamma Mia classics. With its bright coloured decor, the venue offers endless Instagram-worthy photos, especially with the added feature of a photobooth. This event is the perfect activity to kick-start your fabulous hen do.

If you want to take your hen do to the next level, a trip to the Skiathos Mamma Mia tour is an experience you won’t forget. You’ll explore and admire the iconic island where Mamma Mia was filmed in 2007. What better way to spend your hen do than listening to Mamma Mia classics whilst on the set of this fantastic film.

For girls who love musicals, Mamma Mia in the West End is an experience like no other. You’ll watch one of the biggest shows featuring their fabulous soundtrack, which will have you singing along to this remarkable performance. It truly is an unforgettable experience that will make your hen do unbeatable.

Also situated in London is Mamma Mia! The Party experience which offers a delicious four-course meal and unforgettable performance that will have you up dancing all night long. This event is set in a Greek Taverna, designed to take you straight to Greece for a magical night. So, grab your dancing shoes ready for a night of channeling your inner Donna and The Dynamos.

The Chester hen party boat Mamma Mia experience is a brilliant option if you’re looking for a unique and fun event. Wear your best fancy dress costumes and get ready to party to Mamma Mia classics with a professional DJ and disco on board. This experience is one you can’t miss out on for all the Mamma Mia enthusiasts.

Mamma Mia Hen Party Outfits 

The Mamma Mia movie features a range of bright coloured 70’s inspired clothing. You’ll find striking patterns, flared trousers, denim jumpsuits, high-waisted shorts and sequined jumpsuits right up Mamma Mia’s Street. There are many fantastic fancy dress Mamma Mia costumes that are perfect for your hen do. If you are sticking to a budget, creating your own Mamma Mia inspired costume can easily be done.

Mamma Mia Hen Party T Shirts
Mamma Mia Hen Party T Shirts

Hen party t-shirts Mamma Mia themed are a great idea for all the girls to wear. It’s the perfect idea for all the girls to match on your final night of freedom. You’ll find a variety of Mamma Mia t-shirts that you can personalise by adding your names or nicknames to the designs. A fabulous idea is for all the hens to wear matching t-shirts and the bride-to-be wears a different one to ensure she stands out. Make your hen party weekend one to remember that will have you wanting to relive the night out all over again.

If you're planning on heading abroad for your hen do, there are many fabulous Mamma Mia themed outfits to inspire you. Embrace the vibrant colours such as baby blue, yellow, pink and white that creates the perfect summer look. You can create your very own Mamma Mia look at a great price that won’t break the bank. If you're searching for a chilled daytime look, you can channel your inner Donna wearing denim blue dungarees, a floral top and simple sandals. If you're planning on making a statement for this special occasion, sequined jumpsuits with flared bottoms paired with gold chunky heels are a must!
Mamma Mia Hen Party Costumes

Fancy dress Mamma Mia costumes offer everything you need to complete your hen do. If all the girls wear them, it’s sure to complete the look as you head to your hen party event. The best part is you don’t need to spend much time creating your own costume, as these are all ready for you. They are effective and guarantee your group to look the part, which will look fantastic when you look back on all your hen party pictures.

Mamma Mia Hen Party Decorations

Mamma Mia Decorations
Mamma Mia Decorations
Mamma Mia Decorations

A Mamma Mia hen party is not complete without some fabulous decorations. Whether you’re hosting your hen do at home, in a cottage, apartment or hotel, decorations are the perfect way to set the scene. Starting off with the essentials are cups and plates for your food and drink. Get inspired with disco themed straws, cups and plates that look extremely effective when set out on the table. Cocktail toppers are a brilliant idea and perfect for all occasions that are sure to make your delicious concoctions stand out. If you are planning on eating before heading out, Mamma Mia themed hen do name placements are a fabulous idea to arrange where the girls will be sat.

Create your very own Greek Taverna at home by adding blue and white elements and floral decor. Balloons and banners are excellent decorations that add a special touch and look brilliant when looking back on your hen party photos. Make your hen do unforgettable by creating your very own photobooth that the girls are guaranteed to love. This can be done by creating a Mamma Mia themed flower wall or adding sparkly fringe streamers. Add props like microphones and inflatable disco balls, which are ideal to hold and pose with during your Mamma Mia photoshoot.

Mamma Mia Hen Party Accessories

Mamma Mia Decorations
Mamma Mia Decorations
Mamma Mia Decorations

Mamma Mia accessories are a must for your hen party weekend. They look absolutely fantastic and will make your group stand out from the crowd!

💙Blue and white heart-shaped sunglasses are the perfect statement piece for all the girls to wear.

💙A beautiful flower crown serves as a fabulous accessory that pairs perfectly with your Mamma Mia-themed hen do.

💙A blue and white hen party sash takes your final night of freedom to the next level that you can also personalise to suit your theme.

💙Disco ball earrings are an essential finishing touch that will absolutely transform your Mamma Mia outfit.

💙Blue feather boas will have you unleashing your inner dynamo as you sing ‘Super Trouper’ like never before.

Mamma Mia Hen Party Dance Classes

If you're searching for Mamma Mia hen party ideas, a dance class is the perfect experience for leaving you with unforgettable memories. Get ready to channel your inner dancing queen as you dance to Abba classics like ‘Mamma Mia’. This dance class offers an experience like no other, and it will have you learning a fully choreographed routine led by an experienced dance instructor. Get ready to channel your inner dancing queen as you dance to classics like ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Take A Chance on Me’. Your group will rehearse the moves and put them together, ready to perform like Donna and The Dynamos. If you’re wondering what to wear, why not go all out and wear your iconic fancy dress costumes to your dance class!

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