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The Ultimate Hen Party Ideas at Home Guide

Try out something different and plan a hen party at home this year!

We from Dance Hen Parties have done all the research for you and put together some of the best ideas and advice for you. Whatever type of celebration you are planning, we are sure you will be able to create an experience that will suit the bride-to-be from some of our ideas below.

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Activities for Home Hen Parties

1. Dance Parties

Move your feet to the beat!

Hen Party Ideas at Home - Dance Party

If you are looking for a fun and active idea, then a mobile hen dance party might be just the thing you need! There will be over 40 different dance class themes for you to choose from to suit you and the girls for the hen party at home. All you need to do is ensure you have enough space to dance, and an instructor will come to your venue with everything else you need!

2. Pamper Party

Bring the spa day to your own house.

Hen Party Ideas at Home - Pamper Party

What better way to get all the girls together for a hen party at home than creating your own spa day? Simply pick some of your favourite at-home treatments and wait for everyone to arrive! You could have facemasks, foot spas and even nail varnish to give yourselves your mani-pedi! It will be a real treat to enjoy together before the big day.

3. Movie Night & Pyjama Party

Movie marathon and pj’s…yes, please!

Hen Party Ideas at Home - Movie Night & Pyjama Party

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a simple plan like this! Even during a hen party at home. Get some matching pyjamas or personalise them, and look forward to the ultimate movie marathon. Before the night, put together a list of movies for different genres, and then you can all decide what type of movies you fancy watching as a group.

4. At Home Cocktail Bar

Where there is no such thing as last orders.

Hen Party Ideas at Home - At Home Cocktail Bar

If you aren’t going out to all the bars and clubs for your celebrations, bring them to you and create your own at-home cocktail bar. Use a table or drinks trolly that you may already have in the house, and then buy all the alcohol you think you may need. You could also get a cocktail shaker and all the necessary ingredients to create a few cocktails!

5. Games Night

For some competitive fun and laughter.

Hen Party Ideas at Home - Games Night

Sometimes, there is nothing better than getting the girls together and playing a few hen do games together. You can get some snacks and drinks at the ready, along with your favourite board and card games to enjoy throughout the night. It will be the perfect experience if you want some competitiveness thrown into your celebrations.

28 Hen Party Games

Hen Party Decorations & Accessories at Home

Hen Party Balloons

If you are planning a hen party at home, you will surely want to make it look the part by adding some balloons to your home. They could be just regular, simple balloons to decorate the area, or you could go all out with personalised or hen-themed balloons.

Table Decorations

You’re going to make use of a table during the celebrations, so adding some table decorations would be a great and easy way to accessorise your home. You could get a tablecloth, confetti, themed tableware, and even some banners to put around the area.

Party Bags & Favours

Party bags and favours are great additions that all the girls will love and appreciate. It could be something simple like their favourite alcohol or even a bag full of sweets. There are plenty of ideas that you can try out to put a bag together for each guest.

Photo Props

Photos will be taken during the celebration, so make sure they are perfect by including some photo props! You can create your own personalised Instagram frame consisting of various props or buy props separately to use, too!

Personalised Items

If you want to all be matching for the celebrations at home, you could always get some personalised items made. This is a great keepsake and something that you can remember the weekend by. These could be matching T-shirts with your names on them or even pyjamas!

Food & Drink Ideas


It’s always a good idea to have something to nibble on through the celebrations, and sweets are a great way to ensure there is something there for everyone to enjoy. Put them in bowls and dot them around the house so there is always something for someone around.

Afternoon Tea

If you want something more classic regarding your food and drink choice, hosting an afternoon tea is always a great shout. Put together a selection of little sandwiches, cakes and pastries and ensure plenty of tea and coffee on the go.

Cakes & Cupcakes

Another great sweet treat to include in your hen party at home would be some cupcakes or a cake. You could get these made especially for the bride-to-be or pick up some from the supermarket. No matter what, cakes always go down a treat with a group of girls.


A buffet is perfect if you aren’t quite sure exactly what type of food you want to serve on the day. With a buffet, you can easily add a variety of hot and cold foods for everyone to tuck into throughout the evening.

Cheese & Wine Night

If you and your group of girls are wine lovers, a great food and drink option would be a cheese and wine night. Get a selection of cheese and some crackers together, place it all on a serving board, and then tuck in! Then, you could bring together a few bottles of your favourite wine for everyone.


If you are planning a hen party at home in the summer, then a BBQ will be a great choice, mainly because supermarkets usually have a great selection of BBQ options for you to buy. And it allows everyone to enjoy the warmer weather and sit outside together.

Cocktails & Mocktails

Of course, with all the available food options, adding cocktails or mocktails to your celebration will also be a good idea. Whether they are pre-made drinks or you want to buy the ingredients and shake them together.

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