Top Dance Lessons Online

The Best Online Dance Lessons

Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting your groove on from the comforts of your own humble abode with a fun dance class online.

Thanks to the sheer abundance of virtual activities, you can now bust some moves anytime, any place! Simply get your device out, head to the class website or app, get set up, join the class, and have a good old boogie! More and more people are choosing to take part in dance sessions virtually nowadays for many reasons, such as accessibility, cheapness, flexibility with schedules, and much more. Read on to find out the best of the bunch when it comes to dance lessons online.

Greatest Online Dance Classes

City Academy

1. City Academy

With 11 different dance styles available to book an online class for, City Academy is one of the best hubs for learning dance online. You can choose from styles such as burlesque, jazz, jive, contemporary and many more.

The classes are led by trained choreographers with plenty of experience in providing a fun virtual dance class. You can learn in a class environment or book one-to-one lessons, all you need is a space in your house where you can move freely and a device with a camera and microphone!

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2. Pineapple

Bringing the studio to you wherever you may be, Pineapple has an abundance of online dance classes and fitness sessions for you to get stuck into.

They cover everything, from beginner levels all the way to professional level, so simply head online and book yourself in for less than £10 per class! The dance tutors know exactly how to keep their online dance classes for adults fun, upbeat and beneficial.

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3. Steezy

Claiming to offer the world’s best dance learning tools at your fingertips, Steezy has a free 7 day trial ready for you to bust a move to. They are proud to have a global community of people all around the world who join the classes, share tips and take on challenges with you.

There’s an abundance of classes to choose from; salsa, K-pop, house, hip hop, popping and much more. Their online dance classes are different to the rest, with options to control the speed of the videos, loop moves, mirror the video and even switch views!

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Online Zumba Classes

Everyone’s heard of Zumba by now… It’s a high energy workout where you basically just dance! The music is always great, so it really encourages you to carry on no matter how hard the dancing gets. It’s a fun way of burning more calories than you think!


1. Zumba

The OG’s of Zumba are, well… Zumba! That’s right, the people who literally created this dance form have their very own online Zumba classes which you can do at home anytime you like!

There’s a total of 8 different Zumba styles for you to choose from depending on your goals, age, and abilities. To top it all off, you don’t need any equipment at all to take part in the Zumba online, just sign in and stream!

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DanceFIT University

2. DanceFIT University

This online Zumba class is available to watch on YouTube, and with most of their videos being less than 5 minutes long, you can easily fit one into your day! This free Zumba online is beginner-friendly and free to watch and participate in!

The only downside to DanceFIT University is that the workouts aren’t very long, meaning you would have to stop and start the smaller workouts if you’re after a class with a longer duration.

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Zumba Masterclass (Udemy)

3. Zumba Masterclass (Udemy)

If you’re new to Zumba, you may want to get to grips with the basics and popular moves before diving right into an online Zumba class.

This masterclass on Udemy is beginner-friendly and very budget-friendly, offering lifetime access for one payment and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not a fan.

The only downside is that it’s not a free service, and there are only two workouts available to watch.

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Virtual Ballet Classes

Dating all the way back to the 15th Century, ballet has been a popular dance for many years. Ballet has kept up with the times of technology, and you can now take online ballet classes! There are a great selection of virtual ballet classes available online, here’s the best of the bunch when it comes to ballet online.

English National Ballet

1. English National Ballet

With tonnes of ballet training videos and workouts designed for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, the English National Ballet is definitely a top contender when it comes to virtual ballet classes!

They have a variety of pricing plans available, even a 7-day free trial to see if you like it! Their classes range from a professional, high-intensity level to a simpler level for those in small spaces or who are beginners. Simply download their ENB at Home app and get stuck into their online ballet classes.

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The Ballet Spot

2. The Ballet Spot

Ballet Online is taught by professional dancers at all levels and all over the world, The Ballet Spot is an American company which brings people together over Zoom to get stuck into some fun live virtual ballet classes.

They also offer on-demand sessions which can be accessed at any time using their app or through a browser. The prices for the live streams and classes are very reasonable, so definitely worth looking into.


3. Dancio

Providing on-demand virtual ballet classes with world-class teachers, Dancio has over 30 ballet classes available for you to get dancing along to whenever you fancy it.

They range from quick barre lessons to full masterclasses, so they definitely have you covered. These online ballet classes aren’t free and do require a subscription but at a very reasonable price.

However, once you have subscribed you do get unlimited access to the full collection of their classes.

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Online Belly Dance Classes

Originating in Egypt, belly dancing is a dance form which focuses on the movement of the hips and torso. It’s a super good option for those who don’t want a physically demanding dance and want something a little less strenuous. Online belly dance classes are a popular option amongst many people when they look for an online dance class.

Essence of Belly Dance

1. Essence of Belly Dance

Created by Coco Berlin, a belly dancer who has travelled the world to perform for huge companies such as L'Oréal and BMW, Essence of Belly Dance offers many free online belly dance classes.

The classes range from entry-level all the way to advanced so that you can work your way up to a good level of skill. With all the videos based on YouTube, you can access the classes at any time or any place you want… and for free!

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Online Belly Dancing

2. Online Belly Dancing

Online Belly Dancing offers live interactive online classes available at monthly rates for beginner and intermediate levels. These monthly packages come with weekly live classes, which you can watch back anytime.

You can even see a calendar with live updates of any new upcoming classes and get booked in! Although it’s not free, Online Belly Dancing is a cheap option for those wanting to join a group of like-minded people.

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3. SuperProf

SuperProf is a website where you can find a tutor for almost any topic – even belly dancing! You can choose which level you’re at, from beginner to intermediate, advanced, professional or for kids.

These online belly dance classes start from around £15 per hour, so they are slightly more expensive than the other platforms mentioned.

However, the fantastic 5-star reviews explain why the price is worth paying! Most of the tutors offer the first lesson free too!

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Online Salsa Classes

Salsa is a popular and well-known Latin dance which came about in popularity in the 60s in New York City with roots in rural Eastern Cuba. If you fancy getting stuck into this popular dance, why not opt for one of the many online salsa classes! There’s plenty to choose from on the web, but we have narrowed down your options for you.

Salsa Tropical

1. Salsa Tropical

Salsa Tropical have a hub of excellent online salsa classes! You can buy their course to get seven amazing videos that you can watch and learn at your own pace and rewatch if you need to.

You don’t need a partner to take part either, like you usually do with salsa, but you can partner up if you like! The expert tutors make the classes super fun, meaning you enjoy yourself whilst getting some good exercise.

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Salsa Nerd

2. Salsa Nerd

Created by award-winning dance teachers and salsa dance aficionados, Salsa Nerd is the place to go if you want to learn salsa seriously but have plenty of fun whilst you’re at it.

You get to learn at your own pace, so you decide when, where and what you want to know. There are over 100 online salsa class videos on their site, with new lessons released weekly! That’s plenty to keep you going.

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The Dance Dojo

3. The Dance Dojo

The Dance Dojo has a full-blown curriculum for its online salsa classes. For a one-off fee, you will get a lifetime of access to the 300+ lessons that are available on the curriculum, which will teach you all the techniques and steps you need to know to become a salsa dancing expert from the comfort of your own home. They claim to have the most detailed salsa curriculum on the internet, so why not give it a go?

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Online Pole Classes

A dance which is based around a vertical pole, pole dancing is a unique choice for many when it comes to a form of dance. Surprisingly, there are many online pole classes out there and not all of them require you to have a pole at your house – you can do some floor work, but a pole is great for the full experience.

Open Dance Academy

1. Open Dance Academy

With a handy mobile app that allows you to dance at any time, any place, Open Dance Academy provides you with lifetime access to their online pole classes!

They have a range of different classes on their site, ranging in price depending on the difficulty and length of the course itself.

It’s a fab way of building your upper body strength and stamina from the comforts of your own home, all whilst gaining and improving a skill!

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Pole People

2. Pole People

Taught live on Zoom with interactive and entertaining instructors, Pole People have a whole range of online pole classes available for those with or without poles in their home.

The classes tend to last around one hour; however, some are a little shorter, coming in at 45 mins. This is perfect for those who want to slot a pole session into their busy life.

The fantastic instructors will teach you everything there is to know about pole dancing so that you can have fun in your own house.

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Lush Motion

3. Lush Motion

Perfect for beginners to professionals, Lush Motion is brought to you by world-class teachers who offer a range of high-quality online pole classes.

The classes range from a quick 15-minute session to a longer 45-minute session, with new classes coming out every single week.

You do have to subscribe to access all their features. However, they do offer a free 7-day trial, so you can see if you like it before signing up.

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