Friends Themed Hen Do Ideas

Friends Themed Hen Party Ideas – Extensive guide

The One With the Hen Weekend!

We think most people will agree with us when we say Friends is one of the most popular sitcom’s that has been on the TV for over 25 years! And there is no questioning why its so popular, we laugh, we cry and we binge watch a season at a time.

So if your bride to be is a Friends fanatic then creating your very own Friends themed hen party will be the perfect idea. And below are some amazing ideas to put your imagination to life!

“Oh. My. God.” – Janice

Games for a Friends Themed Hen Party

Kick start your Friends themed hen party with some hen games, we have put together a list of a selection of different games that will be perfect for your celebrations. Have a read below and see which ones you and the girls would be most excited to play!

It’s All Relative Game

Use the game that made Monica and Rachel lose their apartment and adapt it to suit you and the girls. Use the topics that they used in the episode, fears & pet peeves, ancient history, literature and it’s all relative.


A game that everyone knows and one that equally has a big part in games relating to Friends! Maybe get some classes off Monica’s aunt, Iris before you start placing your bets!

“Your money’s mine, Green.” – Ross “Your fly’s open, Geller.” – Rachel

Friends Trivial Pursuit

Test your knowledge on the hit sitcom and buy the Friends Trivial Pursuit game where you have an array of different questions based on all the different series that the show has! See who has the best knowledge out of your group!


Foosball was another major part of the show especially to Joey and Chandler! Whether you have your own foosball table or you want to buy a smaller table top one for the occasion its totally up to you!

Friends Themed Hen Party T Shirts

You want to look the part for your Friends themed hen do so add some matching t shirts to your outfit! We have put together a selection of amazing options for you and the girls below! See what ones your favourite are.

“Could I be wearing any more clothes?” – Joey

Friends Style Personalised Hen Party TShirts

Friends Style Personalised Hen Party Tshirts

Personalised Friends Hen Party TShirts

Personalised Friends Hen Party TShirts

Hens T-Shirt Tee

Hens t-shirt tee

Friends Personalised T-Shirt

Friends Personalised T-Shirt

The One Where Bride Customisable T-Shirts

The One Where Bride Customisable T-Shirts

Friends Themed Iron On T-Shirt Transfers

Friends Themed Iron On T-Shirt Transfers

Friends Themed Food

Joey doesn’t share food but you and the girls will be during your Friends themed hen party, we have put together a list of themed food options that would fit right into your plans! Food and drink are the main focus of many Friends episodes so there has to be a place for them in your celebrations too!

Pizza – Joey loves pizza and if you are keeping the theme of Friends when it comes to your food choices then this is a pretty easy and obvious one right?

Lasagne – Although Monica made a dozen lasagnes for her aunt you will only be needing one for your Friends themed hen party!

The Moist-Maker – Made with leftovers of Thanksgiving dinner with an extra slice of gravy soaked bread in the middle of the sandwich. The moist-maker is the thing Ross looks forward to every year.

Cheesecake – Will your cheesecake be that nice that you would eat it off the floor with a fork?

Trifle – When Rachel was allowed to make dessert for Thanksgiving. Make sure yours is a real trifle, not Rachels concoction of an accidental shepherd’s pie trifle.

“What’s not to like? Custard – good. Jam – good. Meat – good!” – Joey

Cookies – Make some cookies that Phoebe’s great grandmother Nestle Toulouse used to make, which were actually Nestle Toll House cookies.

Emmas 1st Birthday Cake – A cake that will definitely be suitable for a Friends themed hen party and maybe not for Emma’s 1st birthday!


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