Madrid Hen Dance Parties

Madrid Hen Dance Parties

Flamenco Dance Class

  • Traditional Spanish style
  • Available in central venues
  • Guided by dance instructor
  • No skills needed

Salsa Dance Class

  • Sexy salsa dance routine
  • Private, central class
  • Trained dance instructor
  • No abilities needed
  • £24.00

Burlesque Dance Class

  • Learn sexy moves
  • Expert instructor
  • Private venue
  • Exclusive for your group

Belly Dance Class

  • Get your hips ready
  • Traditional dance moves
  • Belts included
  • Guided by dance instructor
  • £24.00

Pole Dancing Class

  • Trained instructor
  • Private for your group
  • Learn new skills
  • Poles included

What to Expect on a Hen Party Dance Class in Madrid?

If you want to add the hen party dance class in Madrid to your hen weekend abroad, you can look forward to a light-hearted dance session that anyone can enjoy. All our classes come with a dance theme of your choice and a dance instructor to lead the session. Once the girls have got in the mood with a fun warm up, it’s time to learn the steps – all of which are tailored to your groups dancing abilities. When everyone feels confident with their steps it’s time to roll everything together into a final, epic performance with the group.

What Dance Themes Are Available in Madrid?

You might be surprised by the number available for a hen weekend in Madrid! This city is packed full of different dance sessions to enjoy depending on what kind of bride to be you’re planning for. All the themes bring a different flavour to the dance; however every class is the same format and high quality no matter what theme you opt for. Before you set your sights on a particular theme, check out what’s on offer.

Belly Dance

Step out of your comfort zone and try the belly dance class in Madrid. This sexy experience needs no prior skills to enjoy, simply come with a willingness to get stuck in! Each person will learn from the trained instructor before throwing all the steps into an awesome final performance that the budding bride is sure to remember.

Burlesque Dance

Strut your stuff like Dita Von Teese with the burlesque dance class hen party. This sultry experience in Madrid is a great way to fill the hen weekend with memories. Through the help of a trained instructor and private venue, all the girls will have an opportunity to feel like a diva for the day with this particular themed dance class!

Flamenco Dancing

Dive deep into the Spanish culture and try the Flamenco dancing experience. For a couple of hours, you and the girls will learn the art of flamenco from a trained dance instructor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional dancer or the owner of two left feet, everyone can get stuck in and be involved in a final dance performance at the end of the day.

Pole Dancing

If you’re looking for a dance class with a difference, try the pole dancing experience. With no prior skills needed, you and the girls will master the art of the pole with help from a trained dance instructor. Every dance class format is the same, your class will be held in a private venue with a warm up and final performance as a group to end the session on a high.

Salsa Dance

Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture with a traditional salsa dance class. Energetic and fun, a trained instructor will take the reins as you learn the moves to this age-old dance theme. Feel sultry and sassy as you blend all the steps together into a fully chore­og­raphed routine and perform as a group to end the session with a bang.

Where are the Dance Hen Parties in Madrid Held?

When you add the dance hen parties in Madrid to your weekend of celeb­ra­tions, enjoy an energetic class where you’ll learn some themed dance moves. Prior to the day your budding bride can choose from several different dance themes that suit her personality! From there, your group will meet and greet your trained dance instructor ready for a fun warm up and to learn the steps. Once everyone has had a go at each individual dance step, it’s time to see what you’ve got in an epic final performance with all the girls. With no prior dance abilities needed, this unique experience is the perfect class to slot into your plans.