LMFAO Dance Hen Party in London

LMFAO Dance Hen Parties
  • £26.00

Activity Details

  • Hilarious LMFAO routine
  • City centre venues
  • Friendly dance instructor
  • Spectators come free

What’s Included

  • Learn the hilarious LMFAO dance routine from the videos
  • Nice fun warm-up to start
  • A trained dance instructor will lead the class
  • Learn all the iconic steps individually
  • For the finale, put all the steps into one epic routine to the classic tunes from LMFAO
  • Private room for your group
  • Spectators are free of charge
  • Have your own Hen House or Venue? No problem! We can bring the dance class to you – just ask.

What to Expect from an LMFAO Dance Hen Party in London?

During your LMFAO dance hen party in London, you and the girls will be able to take yourselves back to 2010 and learn a fully choreographed dance routine. It’s great fun and something that all of the girls will enjoy as your dance instructor kicks things off with a warm-up. Follow your warm-up by learning some moves to the iconic song and then putting it all together into a routine. You will then be able to perform your routine in a final performance. All of our dance classes can be held at private venues in all areas of London like Soho, Tower Hill, Clapham, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and more.

What Do I Wear?

Make sure to bring comfortable clothing, gym wear & trainers. Or, shake things up with big hair, even bigger glasses & leopard print like the iconic LMFAO duo!


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