The Best Mr and Mrs Game Questions

Mr & Mrs Questions

Popular with groups of hens everywhere, you can’t go wrong with a few Mr and Mrs questions to get the celebrations started and find out more about the soon-to-be newlyweds!

These printable & downloadable Mr and Mrs game questions are a sure-fire way to get the last night of freedom off to a side-splitting start. Not only is it a great way to break the ice if some hens in the group are unfamiliar with each other, but you can make this game as funny or as cheeky as you please!

How Do You Play the Mr and Mrs Game?

Playing the Mr and Mrs questions game is simple and easy to set up. All you girls will need is a selection of questions from our list below and a bit of time before the big night to ask the groom-to-be for his answers!

  1. Pick and choose a selection of around 20 Mr and Mrs quiz questions from the list below. With a choice of categories from rude to funny to the downright outrageous, it’s up to you!
  2. Now that you have your questions prepped, it’s time to ask the groom-to-be for his answers! Set aside some time before the hen night to ask your questions… just make sure the bride doesn’t know!
  3. Now that the groom has given his answers, it’s time to ask the bride for hers. On the night, ask her the same set of questions and compare them to what you have written down.
  4. If the bride gives a different answer to the groom, then she needs to take a sip of her drink. Likewise, if she answers the same, the rest of the girls need to drink theirs!

So now you’ve got to grips with the rules of the game, it’s time to start choosing your questions!

What questions do they ask on Mr and Mrs Quiz?

Original Mr and Mrs Questions

  1. Who has the strangest phobia?
  2. Who is the better cook?
  3. Who arranges better dates?
  4. Who is the better dancer?
  5. Who can drink the most?
  6. If there’s a spider, who deals with it?
  7. Who paid the bill on the first date?
  8. Who is the better driver?
  9. Who has a better taste in movies?
  10. Who talks the most?
  11. Who was the best behaved at school?
  12. Who is the most laid-back?
  13. Who is the cleverest?
  14. Who has the worse habits?
  15. Who wastes the most money?
  16. Who takes longer getting ready to go out?
  17. Who is the most romantic?
  18. Who is more of a party animal?
  19. Who gets annoyed the easiest?
  20. Who is the messiest around the house?

Rude Mr and Mrs Questions

  1. Who is the loudest in bed?
  2. Who has had the most partners?
  3. How many dates did you go on before you did the deed?
  4. Who lost their virginity first?
  5. Who notices members of the opposite gender more in public?

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

  1. Whose music taste is better?
  2. Who is the clumsiest?
  3. Who can eat the most?
  4. Who has a better sense of style?
  5. Who spends more time on their phone?
  6. Who has the best-looking friends?
  7. Who is more likely to be late for a date?
  8. Who is more likely to cry at a sad film?
  9. Who gets their own way the most?
  10. Who asked for the first date?
  11. Who does the most jobs around the house?
  12. Who takes better photos?
  13. Who is the messiest?
  14. Who snores/snores the most?
  15. Who gets the last word?
  16. Who did better in school?
  17. Who suggested getting married first?
  18. Who proposed?
  19. Who has the better job?
  20. Who is the grumpiest?

"Most Likely" Mr and Mrs Questions

  1. Who is most likely to suggest a takeaway for dinner?
  2. Who is most likely to sing in the shower?
  3. Who is most likely to get arrested?
  4. Who is most likely to fall asleep whilst drunk?
  5. Who is more likely to lose their keys?

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