Healthy Hen Party Ideas

Fun & Healthy Hen Party Ideas Don’t have to be Boring

Swap your shots for probiotics and have some fun whilst staying healthy during the hen celebrations.

Celebrations don’t have to be full of alcohol, late nights, and junk food to have a good time and create memories. So long as you and your favourite ladies are having some sort of get-together and it is something that the bride-to-be will appreciate, then you are bound to have a fantastic time.

Below you will find some amazing ideas on making it a fun and healthy hen party and the benefits of having a healthy hen do. Let's go...

5 Tips for Healthy Hen Party

1. For the Foodies

Fun & Healthy Hen Party Ideas Don’t have to be Boring  - For The Foodies

Make Smoothies – Get all of your favourite fruit together and some blenders and have a smoothie-making session. Perfect for getting in your 5-a-day and enjoying a delicious snack during the celebrations.

Cooking Class – A cooking class will give you some delicious food at the end of it but also give you a chance to learn some new skills together. And usually, cooking classes have everything made from scratch which instantly makes it healthier.

2. Be at One with Nature

Fun & Healthy Hen Party Ideas Don’t have to be Boring  - Be At One With Nature

Go for a Hike – Enjoy the great outdoors and get some air into your lungs by heading out on a hike. Find a beautiful route with some amazing views and pack some food and drinks with you for the journey. Perfect for those who love walking.

Picnic in the Park – If you are looking for a more chilled, enjoying the outdoors and having a catch-up vibe then a picnic in the park would be perfect. You can get together lots of delicious and healthy food and chill out with a blanket.

Campfire – During the summer nights when the weather is still warm, sitting outside and creating your own campfire would be a great idea. Get some blankets and seats and have a catch-up or play some games around the fire.

3. Get Creative

Fun & Healthy Hen Party Ideas Don’t have to be Boring  - Get Creative

Life Drawing Hen Do – Get creative and learn a new skill as you have all the equipment included and a tutor and model included in this experience. The model will get into various poses and you can all get the chance to draw him in those poses.

Flower Crown Making – Transform into a boho chic and create your own beautiful flower crowns together. There will be a selection of amazing fake flowers and greenery along with plenty of wires to tie everything together.

Make Face Masks – Nobody would turn down a pamper night so why not make it a bit more creative by making your own face masks? Use thinks like avocado, oats, honey, oils and more to create the perfect mask for you.

4. Up Your Heart Rate

Fun & Healthy Hen Party Ideas Don’t have to be Boring  - Up Your Heart Rate

Dance Classes for Groups – get up on your feet and get moving with the girls and learn a full routine to some music. You will have a private city centre venue and a dance instructor included on the day, who will teach you everything you need to know.

Old School Sports Day – feel like big kids again as you go head to head in a classic school sports day experience. With races like the egg and spoon, relay races, the sack race and more. It will definitely bring out everyone’s competitive side.

5. Enjoy a Zen Party

Fun & Healthy Hen Party Ideas Don’t have to be Boring  - Enjoy a Zen Party

Mobile Yoga Class – relax, stretch out, and complete a yoga class together. Perfect for finding your zen and giving you the chance to really loosen up your body and open your mind to new things. Even if people in the group haven’t done yoga before they will love it.

Spa Pamper Party – when better to treat yourselves than during a celebration like this? Having a spa day will be perfect to help the bride-to-be get rid of any wedding stresses. And of course, treat you all to a proper relaxation session.

Have a Spiritual Day – this is something simple but extremely effective if you are wanting to organise a zen party. This could be a day of meditation, food that’s good for your mind and soul and just time to think about everything you are grateful for.

Hen Do Ideas For Non Drinkers

As more and more people are choosing to limit their alcohol intake or abstain completely, the demand for non-alcoholic hen do ideas is on the rise. This shift is not only healthier but also allows for a range of unique and creative activities that can make the celebration even more memorable.

Opting for these non-alcoholic alternatives has several benefits. Firstly, it promotes healthier choices, as it avoids the potential negative effects of alcohol. Secondly, it ensures that everyone can fully participate and enjoy the event regardless of their drinking preferences. Lastly, these activities often offer unique experiences that can make the hen do more memorable and personalised.

So, if you're planning a hen do, consider doing some non-alcoholic experiences. Not only will you promote a healthier lifestyle, but you'll also ensure a fun and memorable event that caters to all the hen group.

What Are the Benefits of a Healthy Hen Party?

  • Good for your mind and body
  • No hangover
  • Will feel like a treat without overindulging
  • Great if the bride to be doesn’t want to ruin her pre-wedding diet
  • Usually it could be more affordable
  • You’ll focus on remembering the special moments
  • It’s inclusive (for non drinkers/­partiers)
  • Less to sort out the morning after
  • Could have your hen do closer to the wedding without interrupting plans


In summary, a hen party doesn't have to be synonymous with overindulgence in alcohol and junk food. You can have an equally memorable celebration while keeping things healthy and fun. From smoothie-making sessions and pizza crafting to hikes in nature and creative activities like life drawing, there are plenty of ways to ensure a wholesome and enjoyable experience.

You could also add some heart-pumping dance classes or relive the fun of an old school sports day. A mobile yoga class or a spiritual day could be just the ticket for those seeking tranquillity. The benefits of a healthy hen party are numerous - it's good for your mind and body, there's no dreaded hangover, and it still feels like a treat without overindulgence. So why not swap those shots for probiotics and create lasting memories while staying healthy?

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