Strictly Come Dancing Hen Party in Brighton

Strictly Come Dancing Dance Hen Parties
  • Strictly Come Dancing Dance Hen Parties
  • Strictly Come Dancing Dance Activity
  • £26.00

Activity Details

  • Learn a medley of dances
  • City centre venues
  • Fun dance instructor
  • Music & studio hire

What’s Included

  • You’ve seen the TV Show, now learn the moves to a variety of dance styles!
  • Start off with a warm up
  • Trained instructor to show you the steps
  • Learn some basic moves and practice as you go
  • Then put all the moves together for the final performance to a medley of dances
  • Private room in a city centre venue
  • Spectators are free of charge
  • Have your own Hen House or Venue? No problem! We can bring the dance class to you – just ask.

What Can You Expect from a Strictly Come Dancing Hen Party in Brighton?

If you’re heading to the seaside resort for a weekend of celebrations, get energetic with the strictly come dancing hen party in Brighton! With this particular dance class theme, you can look forward to a taster of different dance styles to a medley of music. A friendly dance instructor will be on hand to go through a warm-up before teaching you some basic moves. Get stuck in and practice your steps before the choreographed group routine. At the end of the session, come together for an excellent performance with the girls. Combine a popular hen do destination on the coast with a unique dance theme for a whole host of great memories.

What to Wear?

Make sure to bring comfortable clothing, gym wear & trainers. Alternatively, dress to impress depending on your favourite style of dance.


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