Taylor Swift Dance Class Hen Party in Birmingham

Taylor Swift Dance Class
  • £26.00

Activity Details

  • Shake it off!
  • Experienced instructor
  • Swifty songs
  • Private dance venue

What to Expect at the Taylor Swift Hen Party in Birmingham?

Enjoy a daytime activity packed with fun as you and the girls participate in a Taylor Swift dance class in Birmingham. Situated at a central venue, your fun dance instructor will greet your group and begin the session with a quick warm-up. You will learn an energetic routine that caters to all dance abilities, so get ready to let your hair down. Then, you’ll put the steps together and perform like never before, dancing to swifty songs!

What’s Included

  • Are you ready for it?
  • Light-hearted warm-up
  • Expert dance instructor
  • Choreographed routine to Tay-Tay songs
  • Suitable for any dance abilities
  • Can include songs such as “Shake it Off”, “Love Story” & more
  • Private venue in the city centre
  • Spectators free of charge
  • Have your own Hen House or Venue? No problem! We can bring the dance class to you – just ask.

What shall I wear to the Taylor Swift dance class?

Your top priority should be comfort, so bring your favourite pair of gym shoes and comfortable clothing so you can let loose. We also welcome (and encourage) fancy dress, so if you want to dress up as different Taylor Swift eras then be our guest!


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