Madonna Hen Party Dance Class

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If you’re a huge fan of the queen of pop herself, then a Madonna hen party dance class is right up your street. Classy, sophisticated and tons of fun.

£26 per person

  •  Times between 11am-7pm
  •  90mins Duration
  •  Experienced dance tutor
  •  Learn a Madonna dance class routine
  •  Central city centre private venue
  •  Spectators are free of charge
  •  Rehearse the moves as you go
  •  The girls will come together at the end to perform the routine

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Why a Madonna Hen Party Dance Class?

This hen party idea is a great way to make some memories with friends and family while doing something totally different. Pop on your dark lipstick, curl your hair and get ready to learn the iconic Madonna moves, all taught by an dance instructor.

Madonna dance hen parties are available nationwide

When everyone has had time to master the moves, throw everything together for a group performance at the end! This is a great photo opportunity that can be used for mementos of your special day. With all of the venues being in the city centre, you and the girls don’t need to worry about travel and can totally focus on having a great time.

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