Burlesque Hen Party Dance Class

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The Burlesque hen party dance class is the perfect cross between seductive and traditional, it doesn’t matter if you’re shy because with our burlesque experience your confidence will shine through.

£26 per person

  •  Times between 11am-7pm
  •  90mins Duration
  •  Experienced dance tutor
  •  Learn a Burlesque dance class routine
  •  Central city centre private venue
  •  Spectators are free of charge
  •  Burlesque Dancing gives you a chance to learn some glamorous 1950’s style cabaret routines
  •  Variety of walks, facial expressions, dance moves and tricks that you get to put together in a routine
  •  Some props included

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Why a Burlesque Hen Party Dance Class?

Feel sexy, glamourous and confident in our Burlesque hen party dance classes.  If you’ve seen ‘Moulin Rouge’ then you’ll understand when we say you’ll need to be a little bit daring and open minded when taking part in this unique dance class.  During your Burlesque hen party our dance instructors will teach you all the sultry and artistic moves needed to create a fun and memorable dance routine!

Burlesque dance hen parties are available nationwide

If you want a hen party with a little bit of a cheeky side, then our burlesque hen party is perfect for you!

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