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Go Grease Lightning

Go Grease Lightning

Looking to have a dance for your hen party? But know you and your hens definitely couldn’t choreograph a routine yourselves never mind think of the moves! Why not consider having a dance class hen party…

Now we all know that everyone young and old has seen the film and musical that is Grease. We also know that you’ve probably danced round your room dressed up as a pink lady and singing go grease lightning. You’ve seen the film and you know all the lines so why not put all that to practise and learn the moves.

This upbeat Grease dance hen party will take you back to Rydell High. It’ll bring the fun back with the hand jive and the classic ‘We Go Together’ finale. With instruction from an experienced dance instructor you can learn some moves from the film with The Pink Ladies jackets.

With our Grease dance hen party, you will have an activity surrounded purely for just having a laugh. You can have fun whilst learning some fabulous dance routines. Your hen will have the chance to put the whole dance together for the final performance. Our instructors have plenty of experience and will be able to make you feel at ease whether you love a good dance or not as much.

This Grease dance hen party usually starts between 11am and 7pm with a duration between 90 minutes to 2 hours. The dance class would take place in a city centre private venue so there is no hassle with getting to your location. Not forgetting that spectators are free of charge. So all the necessities are covered for a lively addition to your hen party itinerary.

If go grease lightning isn’t your style then check out our other dance party classes, you’re bound to find one that’s up your street!

Top Dance Cities

Top Dance Cities

Everyone knows there’s one thing as a nation we do well…and that’s partying. Everyone also knows that we have some of the top party cities in the world. Were known for heading to the pub after work, staying up till the early hours of the morning and even taking the nightlife into consideration as students choosing their university! So I bet you’re all wondering what the top party cities are, well here it goes. Top dance cities for a top dance hen party class!


Newcastle is known for being diverse and vibrant with club nights every day of the week…no wonder everyone likes it there so much. Of course Newcastle is mainly known for the popular TV show Geordie Shore. This helps Newcastle live up to its party name. There are 6 main nightlife hotspots within the city. Including, The Diamond Strip which attracts most of the wild Geordie Shore following. There’s the Quayside which attracts the more sophisticated groups for more civilised nights. For the lovers of craft ale there’s Gray & Dean Street. The Gate provides all the big club goers, casinos lovers and sports fanatics with the sports bars. If your feeling crazy there’s the Bigg Market for the ultimate rowdy night out. Finally, if none of that takes your fancy, there’s the Jesmond for a laid back type of night out.


Leeds is one of the UK’s most up and coming cities and rightly so. It’s just become the second largest metropolitan district in England. Leeds is home to a number of fantastic bars and clubs so you’ll be spoilt for choice! If your big on live music why not consider going to a gig. This city is home to some amazing live music events and bars throughout the whole city. The reason it’s one of our top party cities is because of how compact it is. Meaning, you can easily walk from one side of the city centre to the other in around half an hour.


Brighton is a lively seaside resort which is a hugely popular city. With so much to see and do it makes it the perfect party destination. This fashionable town offers a host of entertainment aimed at the young and the unconventional. Therefore, making it one of the coolest seaside towns in the UK! Not only this, it is known for having some of the best nightlife in the UK and it is what most people rave about along with its amazing live music scene.


Manchester is known for being the ‘capital of the North of England’ and the ‘Northern Powerhouse’. With its warm welcome and strong pride for being the birthplace of many musical movements it’s no wonder why it’s so popularly visited.  The nightlife in Manchester is very diverse to say the least with over 500 bars, traditional pubs and a range of clubs across the city. From the vast spread of pubs and clubs you will be able to explore dozens of live music venues, best clubbing scenes and the UK’s most original bars and restaurants. This city is split into five main areas: The Northern Quarter, Oxford Road, Deansgate Locks, Spinning Fields and The Gay Village so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the Manchester nightlife.


This is a city that has it all from pubs, clubs, a gay quarter, comedy venues, dance warehouses and concept bars. If you can’t find something to do in this city, then somethings up. Starting off with Seel Street, the best thing since sliced bread since its huge transformation its now the go to for nightlife. Hardman Street is perfect if you’re looking for a good pub as this street houses some of the best traditional pubs in the city. The LGBT community is centred around Dale Street, Cumberland Street and Eberle Street. Concert Square of course being known as ones of the liveliest spots with the city’s biggest bars and clubs and finally the world famous Matthews Street home to The Beatles with the well-known Cavern Club and pubs in honour of the band their spirit is infused through the whole street.

Now these cities are sure to make you feel rough the morning after which will no doubt make you want to crawl up in a ball and hide forever. No need to worry just check out our Favourite Hangover Cures to make your post night out symptoms less severe.


Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action

Come on kids we’re gunna paint the town! It’s all lights, camera, action with our Chicago dance hen party.  This is the perfect activity for our Broadway babes looking for a unique hen party activity. If you’re a big fan of the film then you’re sure to love this dance class. Get all the girls together and have a hen party to remember with some popular tracks from the award-winning musical.

What to expect?

On arrival to your city centre venue, you’ll meet your professional instructor. Our Chicago dance hen party activity lasts around 90mins – 2hours, giving enough time to learn the famous moves. Practice the routine and put together a fabulous final performance. This lights, camera, action party kicks off with a nice fun warm up to get everyone started. Also, your instructor will have time to get to know everyone.  There will be plenty of dance moves to fit everyone’s abilities. Then you and your hens can get stuck into the to songs from the musical like All That Jazz.

This Chicago dance hen party allows you to get into character and let your hair down. You will have the option to dress to impress in flirty flapper fashion or opt for some fitness clothes and trainers. As well as this, you can bring as many friends and family as you want, with either everyone joining in on the dance fun or a few spectating for free.

Dance parties are one of the most popular hen party activities across the UK, and we can definitely see why. With this Chicago dance hen party, you can practice your moves before a big night out or even your wedding day. With everything organised for you, all you need to worry about is having a great time and making some lasting memories.